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Stirrup socks? Really?

Why? Why does anyone need these? Why are you supposed to wear them with rain boots?


Yarn and Fiber Stash Reduction Pledge

I, Nurse Ratchknit, do solemnly promise to abide by the following rules:

1.   I will inventory my stash. I will photograph and document, via Ravelry, all yarn and fiber so that I know what I have and can’t pretend that the basement and spare room are not overflowing with yarn and fiber. If I don’t want to photograph and document it, I must not need it.

2.  I will inventory my WIPs. I will photograph and document, via Ravelry, all knitting and spinning projects currently unfinished so that I know what I have on the needles or the holders, the spindles or the wheel, or in pieces waiting to be seamed. I will not pretend that I need to start something new. 

3. I will inventory all knitting needles and catalog, via Ravelry, so that I do not acquire 4 sets of size 10 dpns.

4. I will inventory all printed knitting patterns and assemble them in a binder, or binders, as required for efficient organization. If necessary, new binders may be purchased. New patterns may be purchased if used to knit from stash; patterns which can be stored in Ravelry library are preferred.

5. Knitting or spinning related bags, boxes, lotions, potions or tchotchkes are NOT to be purchased. Items may be made from supplies on hand, re-purposed, or done without.

6. Small items or single skeins of yarn may be purchased as necessary to finish WIPs in existence as of 5/19/2011, or projects made from stash present as of 5/19/2011.

7. Prior to casting on for a new project, I will complete a WIP.

8. If a book comes in, a book goes out.

9. Exceptions to above rules 1 – 8: Attendance at a fiber fest or event entitles the attendee the right to purchase one (1) tchotchke and two (2) fiber items – may choose from skeins, roving, or batts. Items REQUIRED for a class are also exceptions, as are items received as birthday or holiday gifts.

10. This pledge is to remain in effect until all WIPs in existence as of 5/19/2011 are completed!

Fruity Drinks by the Pool

yeah! Handspun that is actual yarn!


Found the masks of contemporary artist Mort Golub. Interesting work referencing indigenous and ancient artists.  Would have provoked lively discussion at Evergreen.

Holiday Crafties

Martha Stewart Shimmering Stacked Trees.

This I Want to Cook

Or at least I want to eat them….

Kouign Aman.

Lemon mint granita.

Sour cream apple pie.

Fish and chips!

Sweet potato biscuits.

This I want to make:

Beautiful butterfly wreath by Alisa Burke

Enchanting miniature garden over at inspire co.  Great step-by-step at Kleas! Part 1, 2, 3.

A new way to repurpose a sweater!

I want to try to quick-piece tiny squares.

Raw edge circle quilt.  Maybe with dark squares and lighter circles?

Inexpensive canvas.

Maybe someday.

Maybe try applique?

String quilt.

Flip flops – thanks again to Alisa Burke!

Ruffly summer scarf.

Cute clutch.

Awesome placemats – maybe painted craft paper instead of bags?

Vintage book planner cover.

Crochet Hawaiian flowers.

Sew some linen napkins.

Make chair cushions…..If the dining room is ever re-done.

Thick recycled magazine pages.

Celebration garland.